Bonaire Retreat

7 – 14 October 2017 – Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire

Sorobon Beach Resort

The Ultimate Awareness Island Retreat Bonaire: for dynamic and conscious women.

Constellations & Meditations Retreat

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You’re on the beautiful Bonaire …
Have nothing to plan, organize or run from pillar to post …
You have all the time in the world for yourself
Time to regain awareness
Gaining insight into the sore spots and freeing the systemic energy
To recharge and reset you life energy
You will be  spoiled with healthy food,
Enjoying privacy, luxury, tranquility, nature, and get energized by the healthy elements of the salty ocean water and salt breeze.

With this particular retreat for conscious women you will return home, reborn! For many participants, the retreat is a turning point and the first step to a more relaxed and fulfilled lifestyle. The perfect investment in yourself. You can add on a heavenly massage, sup yoga, sup in the mangroves, a facial, manicure or pedicure as you wish.

Package includes

starting at $ 1382 per person per week

  • 7 nights accommodation at Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire
  • 5 Morning Meditation sessions
  • 5 Evening Meditation sessions
  • 5 x Daily Constellation session (in depth awareness)
  • 5 x Fresh Veggie/Fruit Smoothie
  • 5 x Healthy Breakfast
  • 5 x Organic Lunch
  • 5 x Gastronomical Dinner
  • infused waters will be offered during the day
  • transfer from and to the airport
  • wireless internet connection
  • 2 skype coaching sessions of half hour each – (1 prior and 1 after the retreat)
  • Return home Reborn


Meditation is nothing more and nothing less than giving attention to what there is here and now.
It sounds simple and in the essence it is because it is our natural state. In due time in our lives we have added our own stories and pasted judgements and feelings to the experiences in our lives. Meditation helps us return to the natural state of being, here and now without keeping ourselves busy with stories.
Research has shown that meditation is one of the best ways to regain creativity.


Constellations are a very powerful method of gaining insight into the sore spots and underlying patterns that are active within a system. Recognizing these patterns helps solve specific blocks, freeing the systemic energy so that it can flow where it is needs to.

A system is a group of people who are connected with one another, such as a family, an organization, a team, a group of friends or a sports club. A disruption in a system, is the responsibility of both the individual with the problem as the entire system around this person. The developments within the system are reflected in its internal and external relations. These can be made visible through a constellation.

Every system operates on certain principles.
For proper functioning, systems rely on a number of principles. If these principles are not respected, the systemic balance is disturbed. In this case, the equilibrium will have to be restored so that the energy can flow freely again.

The systemic principles are:

  • 1. Balance – between giving and taking
  • 2. Order – all places within the system are naturally ranked
  • 3. Belonging – everyone deserves a place
  • 4. Recognition of roots and history

A systemic imbalance can lead to dissatisfaction, decision-making issues, confusion, depression and stagnation of the energy flow. Constellations provide an opportunity to visualize systemic processes and discover new perspectives and options. It regains your energy.