Happiness Project

On my vacation in Bali last summer I asked people I met ‘what made them happy?’ Please find the answers on this page. I hope it creates a smile on your face.

“Working as barman in Nikki beach makes me happy. Earning money. Dreams to work on a cruiseship of the Holland America Line, live in Holland and meet celebraties.”

“My son and my small family. Nobody is fighting, we are happy together. That makes me happy. My wish is to go to Gilli islands for holiday, someday. Outside of Indonesia I do not want because I have never been and I don’t know what to do or know the language.”

“When Europeans And Indonesian smile together. With so much going on in the world, we should smile together.”
Verhuurt bedden op Balangan strand.

Geluks momentje: “Chendol drinken op deze locatie (The Palms, Nusa Ceningan). De lokale mensen bij een krekelgevecht, hoe blij ze kunnen zijn met weinig.

“When you come back to stay”.

“When my son does good in school, comes to my house and finds a job”.

First he Said, “when we have fun”, then “when I reach my target. When my Son is happy and I can buy him what he wants. Mostly when my son is happy”. Father of 2 sons (21 months and 6 years)

‘I love my job, because from here I speak english and have better life’.
Kader is serveerster in Jimbaran bay restaurant.
Zij is het tweede kind van vier kinderen. Door te werken heeft ze een beter leven, meer geld om te eten. Ze spaart om een huis te bouwen voor haar ouders in het dorp waar zij wonen.

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