Why do I feel stuck?

The answer is simple. You feel stuck when you are not allowing yourself to feel. Just feel! You do not need to fix anything, just feel.

Being stuck is not a feeling, it is a thought. So the more interesting question is ‘what thought causes me to have the idea that I am stuck?’.

There are 4 basic emotions: Angry, scared, sad, happy. An emotion comes from the part of the brain we call the limbic system, it is said to be the oldest part of our brain therefor the limbic system has to do with memories, beliefs and personal structures. The beliefs, ideas, thoughts we have about the emotions causes feelings. We actually judge ourselves. This judgement as a pull down energy and can make us feel down, depressed, low in energy and eventually burn us out.

So when you want to change a feeling you need to know the thought that comes prior to the feeling, when you are ready to dig deeper you can ask yourself where that thought comes from. When you are aware of the core you have the ability to change it. That’s what one needs to become aware of.

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